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How can you NOT like this game.

From the graphics to the sound effects. Top notch.

realy good :0)


Can you smell it in the air? Justice has been served.

This game had me rolling. I couldn't get past the last level because I was laughing so hard.

This game is hilarious! I really enjoyed it

Thank you xinRade, glad you had fun :P

Por mais jogos assim KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Haha, thanks for playing!

This game was so funny and so much fun. I would love to see more of it. Keep it up! 

Thank you so much video game anthologist!

A+ for originality, I would definitely play more levels 😆

haha, thats a good score! Thank you!

love it !!!! please give more level 😂😂

thanks for playing xD!

Plz i want more levels this is a great game

haha, damn it seems people really want more levels. <3

I have to Say. This was Very entertaining. Thanks for the game Would Love too see More levels =] 

Hey Upwey! Thank you :)

I had WAY  too much fun with this! If you turned it into a full game or added levels/mechanics I'd totally come back to it!


Thanks GoodKhaos! An update is in the works :P

Ce jeu est completement fou hahaha j'adore!

Merci CaSey! Ça va devenir de plus en plus fou :P

Tant mieux ! Hate de voir comment ca va etre !!

this is probably one of the funniest games I've seen on but I wish there were more levels or an endless mode so I wouldn't get too bored

Yo Schmoop, haha, the begining of this year has been kinda crazy, but I plan to add some stuff in feb.


farrded everywhere.

This game was hilariously fun! I know this was just for a game jam, but if y’all every decide to create more levels I will be there to play them lol. I also will say the 3rd level gave me so much challenge, that the final kiss meant everything once achieved! Keep it up! I look forward to more games by y’all! 

Yo dude! Definately plan to add some more levels, have a couple jokes in mind that I think you'll like xD, in line with the kissing scene. Thanks for playing!!!!

Wonderfully foul game! Loved it

Thank you kazzerx! <3

Loved the game so much! Wish there were more levels to it though, it was a blast playing. Plus I uploaded a video of me playing it as a little insider as to my experience with it.

Hey dude! Thank you for the play through! Thumb nail is funny xD!

Thanks! I thought to myself "how can I make the thumbnail relevant?" lol

Man, this game is really cool but can you code a version that spiderman use his web.


Damn this is a really weird request.

I sorry about that, have a nice day.


Haha, thank you for the koconut, thanks for playing! <3

I need more of this :(


Have lots planned bandito! Thank you for playing!

what the- *about to barf*

*barfs too much about poop*

haha, sorry not sorry <3








A "shitty" game in all literal senses.

I enjoyed that!

Maybe i make some gameplays in YT!

Glad you had frun DGPS! Post here if you do would love to see.




Pretty funny stuff, needs more - 


haha, thanks for playing, I watching, laughing and in tears. Poop, the gift that keeps on giving. Yea we have a list of great stuff we would love to add. Glad you had fun!


New levels when?

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hahha so die funny

haha, that was fun to watch!

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This is hilarious! Is there anyway to turn off the licensed music? (for streaming

Thank you xD! We are going to put a post jam version up soon, will be sure to add some basic options for the game!